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How to make a rainbow

How to make a rainbow

English version by Ana-Maria Dabija

Do you wanna make a rainbow?
It’s noy easy, nor it’s hard,
Pay attention, little fellow,
Just pick up that colour board!

Now, my child, we need some colours
From the fruits and from the flowers
From the sun, the sky, the veggie,
From the World we take what’s magic!

What you need, my dear brother:
Seven colours – the same mother.
Call on them, they’ll come together
They’ll show you a rainbow splendor!


Over the fields, beyond the beds,
The first sister appears next,
If you call her, she’ll be here
Flushing, happy, she’ll sit near,
With her lacy flowered dress,
All in red, in all her best
Like a poppy, red as cherry
Isn’t it she makes you merry?


From Tibeth, from far away
A Shaolin monk makes his way,
In his Orange-coloured robe
Here with us to sit along
He came honouring the call
At the second sister’s ball,
Coloured like an orange fruit
With his orange-like salute.

Tibet = plane in S-W China
Shaolin = Chinese monk


As a star that shines so bright
As the sun in all his might
Down on us a fairy smiles
In the moon above confides
Upper high the glitter
This is the third sister
Yellow glimpse, so sparkling
in her Golden wrapping.


In the holy times, i’m sure,
Comes the sister number four
with the Christmas greenish trees
With Santa and his reindeers,
Many gifts she brings, and more
For the children we adore,
For the lambs – some grass of green
For the trees – new leaves within!


Beautiful,scented bluebottle -
The queen’s arms in which we cuddle,
In her hair blue flowers wears
In her eyes turqoise and pearls
She is sister number five
She comes forth with the sea tide
Her aid willingly submits
Our rainbow she completes.

Turquoise = semiprecious stone of blue or greenish colour


When autumn is in good moods
Brings her basket filled with goods:
Flowers, veggies, fruits delights
From orchards, Gardens, vineyards
In her silky, flouncy dress
Sister number six is next
Her favour is the sweet plum
And her middle name is fun!


All perfumed and all coquette
Is the sister violet
Number seven, rather new
In the colour sisterhood
With her help we can now build
a charmed bridge over the field
We did finally succeed
Our rainbow to fullfill.

So you see, my little fellow?
If you want to make a rainbow
It’s not easy, nor it’s hard
Just pick up that colour board!
What you need, my dear brother
Seven sisters-the same mother
They came all, in rush, in haste,
Gathered round to help create
A wonder of dew and shade!

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